Farolingo Translations

Technical Translation

Technical translation keeps the wheels turning in the localisation industry. Your products have followed a painstaking process from planning, design and development right through to production. Now is the time to ensure your technical documentation is clear, concise and accurate in the relevant target languages. You need a company that is as familiar with kanban and lean six sigma industrial concepts as with the specific product terminology.
I have extensive experience with SAP software and other applications used in today's industrial systems, not to mention a huge archive of expertly translated technical material. Whether you need a fast turnaround for a product brochure, or a well-crafted PowerPoint presentation, I can provide the right solution for you.

Product Localisation

Getting your message across in the right words to the right audience is one of the most important challenges facing any global business. Spending vast company resources on product development and product positioning could all count for nothing if the final message is wrong.

This is why I believe that translation should involve far more than a simple rendering from one language to another. Instead, product translation should localise the product, focusing above all on the target audience. I take your message and apply it to your market in a way that prospective customers will understand, appreciate, and, most importantly, remember.

Medical Translation

I have experience of working with a leading medical market research company that produced multilingual transcriptions of interviews with consultants, key opinion leaders, GPs and other healthcare professionals. These interviews were vital components of the clinical trial process, and were used predominantly to position new products.

Since medical research is a highly-specialised field, it is important to use translators who are fully conversant and familiar with the relevant terminology work on your project.